Are You Feeling Frustrated & Defeated By 
The Steep Online Learning Curve?

Just Can't Put All The Pieces Together?


A 12-Month Group Coaching & Mentor Program 

The complete educational platform to organically market, sell and deliver your program and services online.

Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

• You’re racking your brain trying to figure out how to break the code of getting paying coaching CLIENTS on Facebook.

• You’ve built a Facebook group yourself, but either the ENGAGEMENT is as dead as a doorknob or you just don’t have any idea how to make money from its members.

• You have an DYNAMIC program that you are dying to get in the hands of the people who need it, but you just don’t know where to start?

• You’re posting in other groups, but just can’t seem to get any traction in a sea of posts that’s pushing your POSTS further down in the group feed?

•You're exhausted from the private clients business model and are looking to reach more people in less time.


If So, Then I Bet This Is True...

You have no idea how to market or sell your business online.  You really don't know where to start.  

You want to take your business to the next level in the next 12 months, reach more people and make a greater impact.

You're done with those topic based courses, masterminds and coaches that offer no support as you fumble through applying what you learn in your own business.  
If only there was someone you could tallk to!

This is not what you expected when you decided to become a Coach or an Expert in your field.  The online learning curve can crush your spirit pretty quickly.


Let's Turn This All Around With....

With hands on guidance, direction, support and motivation you can grow the business of your dreams online quickly.  It's time to recession proof your business. I'll show you step by step what's need to happen to become Visible, Build An Audience, Nurture That Audience and Convert Prospects to 
Buying Clients 


Imagine if you could enroll your perfect clients into your signature program!

Imagine if you could have an actual marketing & sales strategy where you are standing out, booking clients, making a difference in your client's lives.

Imagine if you could be fully booked with clients you adored!


Here's what's included in 
My Client Accelerator Academy 

Strategy & Planning
Foundation &  Infrastructure
Branding & Visibility
Gold Star Messaging
Process & Systems 
Client Conversion
Program Delivery
Conversion Events 
Ascension Planning 
Support & Motivation
Direction & Guidance 


Learn from me personally how to grow your Facebook Group, create meaningful interactions, establish authority with a pipeline full of people who want to buy your programs & services. Sell effortlessly to fill your programs throughout the year with conversion events, all done organically without spending a dime on Ads. 

Everything you need are included to assess, plan, create, implement and evaluate on an ongoing basis to make your business a success. 

I'm Dallas Piana 

Hey I get it. Nothing more frustrating than buying course after course, spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get clients online and feel like your just not getting anywhere. 

You're still at the exact same place you were a year ago...maybe 3 years ago. The online learning curve can be rough if you have no one to show you what's needed. No one to help you course corret and stay on track. 

Hi! My name is Dallas Piana and I can really relate. 

I too have spend thousands of dollars on courses; email marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, traffic, copy-writing, sales and all those courses never showed how each marketing aspect is tied together. 
Until suddenly I came across a few amazing mentors who showed me exactly how to pull it all together easily.  End to end!!!  And now I'm sharing it with you so you can succeed.

One of my fantastic client who had no marketing experience at all, follow my step by step process to sell her high ticket coaching packages with ease and was making $10,000 within 10 weeks of my program. 

And there are others doing the same!

It's all about putting in place a system that attracts, nurtures and converts your leads into clients.  

This is exactly what you will learn and apply in my group coaching program!! 

Plus an entire section on how to launch your program from an converstion event like a workshork or a challenge so that you can enroll many clients at once!

This is the time to stand out as a leader in your field.  Your clients are 'out there' looking for you, wanting to make the changes they crave. 

Expand your reach and impact more people with your signature program, direction and guidance, without getting sucked into the deep rabbit holes on social media. 

Let me show you how to put the pieces together to create a well oiled marketing and sales machine with the right strategies, plans, resources, systems and team in place.

Step Into Your Greatness.  
Master the Facebook Marketing & Sales Online Space 

In this program you will learn:

✅  The step-by-step process to grow & leverage a Facebook group of engaged ideal clients READY TO BUY your program & services. 

✅. How to create an ENDLESS pipeline of ideal clients that want what your program and services can SOLVE. 
✅  How to setup all your Facebook platforms for OPTIMAL visibility, engagement, impact and flow.

✅. How to use customer research so that you can determine EXACTLY what to SELL to your ideal client based on what they really want.

✅. How to tap members right when they enter your group with the EXACT information they are looking for to help them solve one of their problems. They’ll think you’re reading their minds.

✅. Never run out of ideas on what to post on Facebook. You’ll have access to a coveted list of over 60 content ideas for posts plus COPIOUS sample posts you can start using right away.

✅. The SECRET strategy & templates to create a month’s worth of valuable content that creates MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT on Facebook in less than an hour.

✅.  A training Membership Vault filled with scripts GALORE; messenger messages, strategy calls, interview, testimonial scripts, welcome messages, emails, invitation scripts, closing sales and more.

✅. How to create content topics, messaging, sales copy, emails and more using effective marketing formulas with EASE.

✅  How to design and structure your irresistible signature program so that you can start PROSPERING from your clients right away.

✅ Proven strategies to CONTINOUSLY increase your group membership so that new eyes are seeing your offers all the time and more likely to buy.

✅  How to launch your signature program using a conversion event so that you can make a greater impact, reach more people and close more sales all at once.

✅. Conversion focused content strategy so you can close MORE SALES in a concentrated period of time.


🚀An entire module filled with lessons on how to set up & grow your email list using a lead magnet.

🚀 Access to Clickfunnel templates so that you can swap in your copy and build your own membership site  

🚀 Access to a membership portal 24/7 filled with 80+ video walk throughs. In addition to step by step instructions, templates, swipe files, scripts.  All downloadable for your use. 

🚀An exclusive paid members-only community of incrediable women who are growing their Facebook group right alongside you, so that you can learn from them, avoid the pitfalls, collaborate with each other and GET ACCELERATED RESULTS!! 

🚀Weekly small GROUP COACHING with Q&A and a ton of personal support from me through your implementation. 

Here's what others are say about working with & being advised 
by Dallas Piana...
"Had 4 sales calls today + closed ALL!!!  WINNING" - Lindsey Santellan
$10K in 8 weeks working with Dallas Piana - Nicole Hansult
"Keep doing what Dallas has taught us" - Maria Macias


BONUS #1  

🔥 Unlimited access to me via our private Facebook group.

🔥 Unlimited access to me via Facebook messenger

🔥 Unlimited access to book private mentoring calls with me  

($497 Value)

🔥An entire module filled with lessons on how to set up a One Time Offer so you can start making money from the get go. 

($279 Value) 

🔥Masterclass 'How to Set Up a Low Ticket Masterclass in a Weekend for Your Audience' - Recording & Slides  Start generating trust from your audience with a low ticket offer  

Here's a summary of everything you get...
You're provided with everything you need to be successful all in one program!  
With support, motivation, guidance and direction through your implementation!!
The Complete My Client Acclerator Academy

Step-by-step process accessed through a membership portal site that's proven to grow your audience with a private group, as we position you as the authority in your field, show you how to engage and create meaningful interactions, create & sell your program and services to an eager to buy group using different kind of marketing strategies. ($3,000 Value)
Advisory Calls
Private Strategic Advisory Calls are held monthly with each client where you are provided with targeted feedback and advice customized to your goals and next steps. These discussions are topic-focused, including Branding, Pricing, Massaging, Marketing and Sales.  
($3,600 Value)

Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls

Group Coaching Calls are held weekly so you continue to have guidance and direction on next steps as you build your business online.  ($15,600 Value)

Access to the Private Facebook Group
Have your questions answers in real time, connect & collaborate with other incrediable women in the academy, share wins and be a part of a driven community who are committed to making an 
impact in the world.  ($3,000 Value)
Conversion Events
Learn to launch your Signature Program to hundreds of quality ideal clients who are eager and excited to learn, and ready to invest. 
Through multiple conversion event cycles over 12 months you'll develop a rinse, repeat and scable strategy to fill your signature programs.  
($2,400 Value)

Client Interviews

100% Money Back Guarantee!
We are serious about our academy and want you to be serious too. Therefore, as long as you show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30 days of purchase.


🌸 Complete Access to My Client Accelerator Academy ($3,000)
🌸 Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls ($15,600)
🌸 Monthly Private Strategic Advisory Call ($3,600)
🌸  Access to the Private Facebook Group ($3,000)
🌸  Complete Conversion Events Launch Sequence ($2,400)
🌸  Bonus #1 - Unlimited Access to Me  ($15,000+)
🌸  Bonus #2 - Set Up a One Time Offer Using Clickfunnels 
        Includes Follow Up Email Series ($487)  
🌸  Bonus #3 - "How to Set Up a Low Ticket Masterclass in a Weekend for Your Audience" Masterclass ($297)

Total Value = $43,384

Payment Plan of $650/mo for 12 months  

Pay in Full $7,200 

This Offer Expires SOON!

Monthly Payment Plan Available 
at $650 per month for 12 months

100% SECURE Processing